Dubscription Mix 002 and interview with Searchl1te

Dubscription Mix 002 and interview with Searchl1te

Posted On: July 1, 2011
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We caught up with Chicago based DJ and producer Searchl1te and here is what he had to say.


Tell us about your background in music… How did you 1st get interested in creating music?

I’ve had an intense interest in music and recording for as long as I can remember. The first time I used a recording device was with my parents. Pressing the buttons, hearing my voice and the ambient events surrounding my chatter play back at me, watching the tape roll across the heads…it was magic. I got a walkman from a neighbor for my 10th birthday…well it was as knock-off walkman so it only had two buttons – Play and FF. I paired it with afore mentioned Radio Shack tape recorder and made radio shows by cueing up songs on the walkman, putting the recorder’s mic in between the walkman’s headphones, recording the song from the walkman to the recorder, then announcing the song and doing stupid skits with my brother. I’d end up with a side of a tape that was a “radio show”.

Also, growing up the the not-so-diverse middle of Indiana, listening to music took my mind places. Each song told a story of a distant culture or at least spat fresh attitude.


How many projects are you currently involved in?

The Searchl1te project is really starting to take off. I’ve put a ton of time and energy into it and the music that comes out is getting more and more dialed in. I collaborate with The Abominable Twitch on a live PA project we call Chicago Sewer. Twitch and I also built and run a studio – www.catalyst-sound.com. Jeekoos and I have been doing radio on WNUR 89.3 Fm Chicago for 11 years now…our show is called Part Time Sucker Radio. I am working with tech guru Antoine…the best live audio engineer I’ve ever known…on rebuilding and running an old Tony Andrews-designed Turbosound TMS-4 system with 24″ subs. It’s been murdering loft parties in Chicago for about a year now and I just loaded it into a truck to take to an outdoor festival in Michigan called Lakes of Fire. I also teach music production as a means of improving literacy skills for youth incarcerated in the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center. That project is called Free Write -www.freewritejailarts.org. Crap, I’m busy.


What is your inspiration to do what you do/to be active in multiple projects?

All the projects feed each other. I’m a multi-tasker by nature, or maybe I’ve just turned into one in order to keep up with all the ideas and opportunities that have come up recently. One time my dad gave me this cryptic message. He told me to “burn clean”. So as I jam on all this stuff, I try to keep it as real and efficient and meaty as possible. No time for bullshit or people who are fronting. I think I’m going to get “Burn Clean” tattooed on my neck.


What drew you to drum n bass, dubstep & your eclectic style of music in general?

The percussive mayhem on top of the bass. When I first heard jungle it matched my insanity. The mash of cultures represented in the music, especially where reggae and dub meet rave music. I’ll always look for that in the music I make and play. I like music that is driven and purposeful but not preachy or pedantic.


What is your opinion on the current state of music in terms of digital formatting and the do-it-yourself approach?

The digital DIY approach is the only reason anyone knows anything about my music. I’ve read extensively about the recording industry since Edison…it has consistently exploited artists while making the fat cats fatter. I want to see the fat cats struggle and scrounge. Get ready for lean times, fat bitches.


How did you get involved with Burning Man, and why do you think it is important that we have festivals or communities like Burning Man?

Searchl1te: Burning Man is an amazing festival that has afforded me so many opportunities to meet and collab with world-class artists. I have made so many friends through the “culture” of Burning Man, whatever that is. I’ve played music for more people there in one week than I do in the 3 or 4 months afterward. Last year I produced the soundscape for the base of the Man effigy that gets burned at the end of the week. 53,000 people attended the festival last year, and almost all of them checked out the Man at least once, therefore engaging, to varying degrees, with my work. Def my biggest audience ever. Where else in the United States could something like that happen for me or artists like me? Burning Man has that kind of mojo. Everyone should go at least once.


**Bonus question:  If you could have ANY super power, which one would it be?

Searchl1te: Ha I don’t know, something low key. How about: I’d be able to read books in a split second simply by looking at their spines as they sit en mass on shelves.


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Affiliations: Part Time SuckersDubfront Records (Co-owner), Brap Dem! Recordings,Trillbass RecordingsZZk RecordsWNUR 89.3 Fmwww.Dubstep.Fm


Dubscription Mix 002 – Searchl1te
1. El Fata – London (Version)
2. El Fata – London City
3. California Swag District – Teach Me How To Dougie (Dj Javier Estrada Huaracchozo Rmx)
4. Balkan Beat Box – Bengal Tiger
5. The Peronists – Deep Princess
6. Searchl1te – Deerskull Riddim
7. Searchl1te – Antoine’s Cigar Box #1
8. Akio Nagase – The Rock
9. Stereotyp – Estamos Cool
10. Dillon Francis – Brazzer’s Theme (Munchi’s Fuck That It’s Bangbros Remix)
11. Guapo Feo – Faters
12. Chong X – Balkanizer (Original Mix)
13. Thornato – Rosie Work Song (Cumbia Edit)
14. Javier Estrada – Crunkaton
15. Toten – Retina It (Doma Tornados Version)
16. Dva – Natty
17. Mj Cole & Wiley – From The Drop (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
18. Rainbow Arabia – Without You (Nguzunguzu Remix)
19. Samo Soundboy – The Bandit
20. Salva – Soldier Of Fortune
21. Wolfgang Gartner – Latin Fever (King Remix)
22. Chris Brown – Lamn (King’s Lost His Goddamn Mind Rmx)
23. Hellfire Machina – Feel Our Velocity
24. Dj Javier Estrada – A Ritmo De Crunk
25. Hellfire Machina – Demonic Bells
26. Mrk1 – Ilove (Hatcha & Lost Remix)
27. Searchl1te & Mc Zulu – Poltricks On Paradise


SearchL1te is also hooking you up with a FREE track from his latest EP entitled Antoine’s Cigar Box. This FREE download is only available for a very limited time so grab it while you can!

Searchl1te – Antoine’s Cigar Box #1 by Searchl1te

“Comprised mostly of sounds from two synthesizers made out of cigar boxes (one is pictured in the cover art) and field recordings I collected in New Mexico and Chicago, the 3-song Antoine’s Cigar Box runs bass music into the fucking red.

The cigar boxes’ namesake, Antoine, is also their creator. Much love to him for applying his gift of music and classically-trained skills to bent circuitry…then passing the product over to me to gut out.”